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Germany is rich in water - the more important is its protection

AquaEcology is an ecological institute located in Oldenburg and Hamburg. We are analyzing the biology, chemistry and hydrography of waters in Germany. This includes rivers, lakes and estuaries as well as the ocean coast and open waters.
We consult, accompany and evaluate your projects.

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Phytoplankton taxonomy, the identification and quantification of microalgae is an highly important part in the assessment of the ecological and water condition of water bodies. 

This became clearly this year as the toxic algae bloom of Prymnesium parvum within the river Oder lead to a massive fish death. Due to their expertise, the scientists of AquaEcology were involved in identifying and monitoring of the harmfull algae.

The newspaper Nordwest-Zeitung wrote:

Wissenschaftler aus Oldenburg: Plankton-Spezialist ist bundesweit gefragt (
Image: Sasha Stüber

On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, AquaEcology invited all employees, partners and friends to the anniversary on September 16th, 2022.

The newspaper Oldenburger Nachrichten wrote:

Firmenjubiläum: 20 Jahre AquaEcology in Oldenburg – ON – Oldenburger Nachrichten

We would like to thank everyone present for the lively participation and the continued great interest in AquaEcology.